Employee Training and Leadership Development

Learn new perspectives, new skills, and new behaviors as an individual, team, or organization

Key Elements

Moxie’s training approach focuses on sustainable and meaningful change, addresses obstacles and has a real-world balance of both theory and practice.

Target Audience

Moxie Consulting offers trainings for individuals, teams, and organizations.


Moxie’s training model focuses on real workplace issues.  We offer trainings programs that last from two hours to several months.


Individual habits change → organization bottom line improves


The Moxie training approach is designed to make it memorable. We teach principles and lead participants in exercises that encourage application. Throughout the session, participants are provided opportunities to practice new skills and create plans for applying the new skills to their workplace situations.


Participants work on real issues, often being challenged to look at old ways of doing things with new eyes. Moxie trainers are high-energy role models for the participant-centered learning. We practice what we teach and train th