Professional Coaching

Overcome challenges, hone skills and maximize success with individual professional coaching

Key Elements

Moxie’s one-on-one professional coaching will help you to clarify your professional goals and create an accountability plan to reach those goals.

Target Audience

Moxie’s professional coaching services target individuals who want to become a better team member or leader in their workplace.


Business coaching will help you develop a strategic plan for success by setting priorities, identifying gaps in knowledge and skills, and creating an plan to address these gaps.


*Actively seeking improved personal performance.

Look at yourself through new lens and explore new possibilities. The Moxie coaching process allows individuals to change  perceptions and question what they know.

As your professional coach, Lisa will help you explore your potential as an individual contributor, a team member and a leader.

Business coaching involves the development (in conjunction with your supervisor) of a strategic plan for success. Often, the DiSC Communication Styles Assessment and a Communication Audit is utilized to help set clear priorities, identifying gaps in knowledge and skills, and most importantly, creating an plan to address these gaps.

How Do I Know if Professional Coaching is Right for Me?

Through working with a coach you can:

  • set priorities and organizational goals and develop plans to achieve them
  • identify gaps in knowledge or skills and determine the steps needed to close the gaps
  • build upon training you have received
  • enhance your interpersonal skills
  • improve individual and organizational performance

Utilizing various tools (a 360° feedback tool, personal communication profile, personal/professional goal setting techniques and action planning guides), we will help you accomplish your professional goals.

Are you ready to set and achieve your professional goals?

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