Organizational Consulting and Strategic Planning

Set priorities, clarify goals, enhance team communication or streamline processes as a team, department or company

Key Elements

The Moxie Consulting process builds custom solutions to achieve measurable results.We can work with you to develop an event, conduct a communication audit, review processes and streamline services or create a succession or strategic plan. We can also develop customized instructional design to help train employees.

Target Audience

Moxie’s consulting services are tailor made. These services can be focused on a specific team, a department or the entire company. We recognize that unique issues require custom solutions.


It’s your business and we will work with you to develop a plan. We can discuss options and then create a unique solution to your specific situation.

Organizational Consulting

Retreat Facilitation, Departmental Communication Audits, Succession Planning, Strategic Goal Setting. Custom solutions to unique issues.

The Moxie objective in each of these services is to energize and mobilize. Whether you are planning a half-day corporate retreat for the senior team, a one-day strategic planning session or a customer-driven solutions conference, we can provide the tools you need to succeed. These services provide the opportunity to get away from the all consuming day-to-day pressures of the office and to focus on the real work of employee/leadership teams. It is a time for strategic planning, visioning, priority setting, roles clarification and decision making.

Combining a solid meeting design that utilizes practical tools and techniques with an experienced meeting facilitator will maximize the return on your investment of time, of energy and of resources. Moxie consulting builds custom solutions that achieve measurable results. Our organizational consulting approach creates answers to these questions:

  • How do we manage commitment and morale when change is constant?
  • How can we align our human resources policies with our customer expectations?
  • How can we create a succession strategy for high performance managers?
  • How can we develop a dynamic culture to support our business strategies?
  • How can we attract and retain employees in tough economic times?
  • What strategies can we implement to retain our customers with WOW! Service and enhance our customer base?
  • How can we continue to do more with less?
  • How would a strategic plan help us be better prepared for upcoming changes and challenges?

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